Retire Simply


Episode 4: Sit on the Porch Number

Every individual is different when it comes to how much they will spend in retirement. There is a certain amount we need in retirement just to live. It is good to know your number as you begin to plan your lifestyle for retirement.     For your copy of the Compass Retirement Budget Worksheet, click…
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Episode 3: The Laws They Are a Changin’

Proper tax planning requires awareness of what is new in 2020. There are a lot of changes for retirement plans when it comes to the SECURE and CARES Acts. In our final episode about TAXES knowing these changes can benefit you in retirement.
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Episode 2: How to Build a Tax Game Plan

We all could use a strategy for dealing with our taxes. We continue our series on TAXES with Scott and Angela discussing the keys to when you pay taxes and how that could make a difference in retirement.
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Episode 1: Taxes: Forever, Sometimes, Never

Welcome to our first episode of Retire Simply Podcast! Scott and Angela Winstead are a husband and wife duo who share their industry knowledge in a fun and casual way. Listening in can help create a nice foundational knowledge of retirement for anyone in the area. We hope to help by steering the people of…
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